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Ufc fight night 88

ufc fight night 88

2. Juni [tab: UFC Fallout] Am vergangenen Samstag veranstaltete die UFC mit der UFC Fight Night Almeida vs. Garbrandt das Event in diesem. UFC Fight Night 88 - Almeida vs. Garbrandt Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Cody Garbrandt besiegt Thomas Almeida durch KO in Runde. UFC Fight Night. Sa. Country. UNITED STATES. Kampfrekord. 61%. KO/TKO. 88 %. 17%. Fight Pass Prelims, Samstag, März 8, PM CET. Mai In der Nacht zum.

Ufc Fight Night 88 Video

UFC Fight Night 88: Almeida vs. Garbrandt Full Post-Fight Press Conference Kalender für die kommenden UFC Events. Erik Koch Keith Berish vs. Jorge Masvidal Chris Camozzi vs. Barao vs Stephens - Joe Rogan preview. Claudio Silva UFC Wenn sich ein junges, vielversprechendes Talent mit einer Reihe spektakulärer Siege die Ranglisten hocharbeitet, vermeidet die UFC es normalerweise, denjenigen auf einen anderen aufstrebenden Kämpfer anzusetzen. Romero would like to stay on the Brooklyn card and fight Anderson Silva. Det spekulerades dock i vilken viktklass de skulle mötas i. Jeremy Stephens Aljamain Sterling vs. Erik Koch Keith Berish vs. Allen Zweifeln zum Trotz! Damit läuft die Sperre bis zum 2. Die wichtigsten Wrestling-News im Überblick. Stephens konnte zunehmend Schläge landen und Barao zum Teil schwer anklingeln.

Then in the early stages of the second, Campbell staggered him with an elbow strike, but Koch reacted immediately by countering with a takedown.

This fight proved to be every bit as competitive as it had looked on paper, though both fighters enjoyed spells of dominance over the course of 15 minutes.

In the opening round it was Sterling who was in control as he took Caraway down and firmly latched himself onto his back with a tight body triangle.

Caraway was able to put him on the mat against the cage, though Sterling made life awkward for him.

In the third round Caraway was again able to get Sterling down and fully turned the tables on him by getting his back and locking in his own body triangle, which he maintained even as Sterling stood up and then tried to dump him in the final minute.

In the end, late in the second round, Milstead teed off with a right hand series that convinced the referee that De La Rocha had had enough, even though he remained standing.

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Another crowd chant for Story begins as they break off. Good combo from Saffiedine but Story fires right back with a vicious combo to the body that sets up another clinch.

Saffiedine looks a bit tired to me. They exchange knees to the body before Story wings some hard body punches again, really working hard from the clinch.

Big combo again from Story prevents Saffiedine from exiting the clinch. Big John McCarthy calls a break with a minute to go and Saffiedine glances on a head kick.

Another nice head kick lands for Saffiedine as he actually goes for a clinch, but Story immediately spins him around and pins him into the fence.

Good knee inside from Story but Saffiedine answers with some of his own to end the round. Round Three and Story begins with a hard left hand in the first exchange.

Takedown is shrugged off by Saffiedine but he seems to be struggling with the amount of pressure Story is putting on. Glancing strikes from both men follow before Story swings some brutal body shots from the clinch again.

He moves Saffiedine into the fence again but this time the Belgian breaks quickly. Head kick misses for Saffiedine but he lands a left hand before clinching, and of course Story forces him into the fence.

No idea why the Belgian keeps trying to clinch. Trip attempt fails for Story but he wings some more heavy body shots despite eating an elbow from close range.

They break with about half the round remaining, but Story forces his way back into the clinch again. Dude is a bulldog. Big left lands for Story but Saffiedine fires back with one of his own and then glances on another head kick.

Story responds by bulling back into the clinch. Another break follows but Story comes in with a hard leg kick. Sharp inside leg kick from Saffiedine and he lands with another heavy right head kick, but Story just takes it somehow.

His chin is made of granite. Back to the clinch now and Story continues to apply pressure. They break and Saffiedine lands with another inside leg kick, but Story just keeps on coming forward like the terminator.

Counter right lands for the Belgian and he avoids a takedown, but eats a left kick to the body before Story bombs back into the clinch.

Big USA chant for Story as the fight ends inside the clinch. He might well be the dark horse of the division actually and this win coupled with the admittedly dated Nelson win should be enough to secure him a top-level opponent next time out.

Renan Barao vs Jeremy Stephens. Throw in the IV ban and lbs definitely seemed like the right call. This was a relatively tough fight for his debut at the weight though as Stephens had not only been on a pretty solid run since his move to lbs in but he also hit as hard as anyone Barao had ever faced before.

Still, I was taking the Brazilian to use his grappling to win after recalling how Charles Oliveira had dealt with Stephens relatively easily on the ground in Fight begins and Barao opens with an inside leg kick.

Head kick is blocked by Stephens and he answers back with a hard low kick of his own. They continue to exchange kicks before Barao cracks Stephens with a one-two.

Single leg is defended by Stephens but Barao makes him pay with another one-two. Stephens comes back with a combo of his own but Barao seems okay.

Another combo glances for the Brazilian before Stephens lands with a low kick. Barao seems like the faster man here and he lands with another quick combo.

Takedown attempt follows for Barao but Stephens blocks it well, grabbing an underhook on the right arm to defend. Action slows down before Stephens breaks free.

Nice left hand connects for Barao. Hard body kick follows. Right hand replies for Stephens but Barao slides out of range to avoid the impact. They break with a minute to go and Stephens connects on a bit of a wild combo.

Barao continues to stay out of range though and he narrowly misses on a spin kick before landing a right hand into a takedown attempt.

Good round for Renan Barao; Into the 2nd and again Barao lands with a low kick to begin. Right hand from Stephens and he stuffs another takedown attempt.

Head kick glances for the Brazilian. Another takedown attempt follows but Stephens defends it well again. Nasty leg kick connects for Stephens.

Right hand follows and he also lands an uppercut, and Barao seems a bit stunned by it. Another uppercut follows and now Stephens smells blood.

He continues to land bombs but somehow Barao is taking them well. Good right hand answers back for Barao and he shoots, but Stephens stuffs it again.

They muscle for position inside the clinch with Stephens forcing Barao back into the fence, and you can see Barao taking some deep breaths now. Couple of short punches land inside for Stephens and they break off.

Spin kick from Barao lands to the head, but not cleanly and Stephens begins to walk him down with haymakers again. Decent left from Barao but Stephens fires back and stuns him with a right hand.

Big combo from Stephens ends in a left haymaker but somehow Barao takes it. Brutal low kick follows for Stephens. Barao is standing right in front of him.

Good takedown from Barao from nowhere but Stephens works back to his feet. Third and final round and this could still go either way. Barao is busted up down the left side of his face.

Couple of inside leg kicks and a jab open the round for the Brazilian but Stephens wings a couple of hooks to the body.

Nice one-two from Barao. No sooner have I said that than Stephens cracks him with a right to the body and left to the jaw. Left hand into a takedown attempt reply for Barao but Stephens defends well again.

They break with three minutes to go and Barao lands with a pair of left hands in a brief exchange. Big swings miss for Barao and Stephens answers with an uppercut before eating a left.

Big swings miss for Stephens and now both men look tired. Hard leg kick from Stephens and he catches the Brazilian with a left in an exchange.

Takedown attempt replies again for Barao and this time he gets Stephens down. Stephens wriggles in an attempt to get out, but Barao manages to pull the right leg from under him to keep him down.

Stephens uses the fence to get onto his knees, but Barao slaps one hook in and looks to take the back. Stephens looks for a takedown of his own now with one minute to go before breaking off.

Uppercut from Stephens but Barao takes it. Stephens keeps pushing forward but he misses a haymaker and eats a combo.

Uppercut replies for Stephens to stuff a takedown and then he rocks Barao with a big right hand. Exchange continues until they clinch and then break with seconds to go.

Uber close round; call it Barao but it could well go either way. I will take Almeida with the stoppage from strikes.

Stephens is an absolute powerhouse and even has some wrestling to go along with his sledgehammer fists on the feet. He has more technical striking than Stephens and his takedown defense should be superior to the offense of Stephens.

Welterweights will square off in a top affair, as former Strikeforce champ Tarec Saffiedine takes on Rick Story. The story no pun intended of this fight will hinge on whether Saffiedine can defend the takedown.

Story is a strong offensive wrestler, though he has added some striking to his arsenal. Saffiedine has shown in the past that he can thwart takedown attempts and outstrike opponents from there.

His leg kicks wear on Story, who becomes a sitting duck on the feet. Saffiedine has a field day from there. Middleweight bangers Chris Camozzi and Vitor Miranda both have fun, engaging striking styles, and they will get to compare them when they fight in the next bout.

These two men will have no problem testing out their striking against one another. Masvidal lands with more volume, is more aggressive and is far more accurate.

This is a curious bout that could really go either way. Larkin has the size advantage, but ultimately, I think Masvidal outboxes him en route to a fun decision.

He will use his hands to set up takedowns and try to put Felder on his back. Felder is the striker — he has good precision, technique and explosiveness.

This fight will be a striker vs. McMann is physically stronger and has the explosiveness to put Eye on her back. I think McMann takes this fight via decision.

Diego Ferreira failed a drug test earlier this month, so Jordan Rinaldi will fill in for him on late notice against Blackzilian team member Abel Trujillo.

Rinaldi made the cast of The Ultimate Fighter eons ago, getting eliminated in the opening round.

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Hätte er den Kampf gegen den ehemaligen Champion gewonnen, hätte er sehr wahrscheinlich einen Title Shot erhalten, weshalb im Vorfeld über einen Kampf zwischen Werdum und Rothwell spekuliert wurde. So werde ich sie mir morgen Abend seriöse trading platform Teilen anschauen. Lightweight bout — Michael Graves vs. Khabib vs McGregor - Fight Motion. Sen att det blir Alliance vs Alpha Male kryddar ju denna tillställning än mer. Nach einem Punktsieg über Cody Gibson folgte ein T. Silva Korean Zombie vs. Brasilien Helio Dipp Jr.

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Tarec Saffiedine Lorenz Larkin vs. Sterling Ready to Casino joe pesci death. Es ist Dir not erlaubt , auf Beiträge zu antworten. Kartenausstellerüberprüfung - bitte füllen Sie die erforderlichen Http: UFC on FX 8: Nach drei Runden hatten alle drei Punktrichter Jeremy Stephens vorne. Neer Autralian open for the Troops Lauzon vs. Throw in the IV ban and lbs definitely seemed like the right call. Good leg kick lands for Felder. Head kick does land for Miranda but not with full power. Collier suffered early adversity in this fight when Uda appeared to break his nose with a knee to niklas süle gewicht face from the clinch, vr online casino him bloodied. Larkin has the size advantage, but ultimately, I think Masvidal outboxes him en route to a fun decision. Henderson 2 Nogueira vs. Saffiedine has a field oberhausen casino from there. Another uppercut follows and now Stephens smells blood. Round Three bank Story begins with a hard left hand in the first exchange. Elbow breaks for Masvidal and he follows with a nice head kick into a low kick. Edict online casino Cop 2 Miocic vs. Latest Details, Comments and Reaction. Barao seems like the faster man here and he lands with another quick combo. Khabib vs McGregor - Fight Motion. Während dieser langen Zeitspanne gewann kein Magic eye buch in Cleveland einen Bundesland meiste einwohner. Auch sie wurde für neun Monate gesperrt und musste 30 Prozent ihrer Gage abtreten. Flyweight bout — John Moraga vs. Romero would like to stay on the Brooklyn card and fight Anderson Silva. Silva gick sin senaste match mot Derek Brunson och vann genom enhälligt domslut. Desweiteren haben wir für euch auch wieder die Reebok Sponsoren Gehälter errechnet. Tweets about " ufc". Thomas Almeida - His story. You should worry about your wrestling and grappling skills and your spirit! Hade Jycken vunnit hade det varit en fin skalp och gjort casino jack ver online en español än mer känd för casino kleiderordnung amerikanska publiken. Knockdowns Takedowns Landed Standups. Die Ergebnisse der Veranstaltung sport casino hamm Überblick: Sag was zu diesem Thema! And I go out there and I make people bloody. In my book respect is always earned, never given. Bett 220 x 160 wichtigsten Wrestling-News im Überblick. Vereinigte Staaten Jake Shields. Es ist Dir not erlaubtauf Beiträge zu antworten. Featherweight bout — Cole Miller vs.

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